Our projects - coming soon.

Although we are new in business, we have had years of experience working with others and loving what we do. We have current works in progress, and are excited to share some of these when they are finalised.
Please come back and visit this page again soon.

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Our passion lies in conceptualising, designing, planning, detailing and ultimately realising buildings that serve the occupants, the environment, the locality and reflect the way we live. By looking to the past to inform the future, we strive to create a ‘contemporary vernacular’ in which context instructs the outcome.


Interior Architecture

Considering both function and aesthetics, we offer Interior Architecture to design spaces that are safe, habitable and fit for purpose. Well-thought out built environments have the potential to increase occupant happiness and enhance experience. Working with us for your interior architecture requirements can help alleviate stress, be value-adding and allow for consideration of the bigger picture. 



Within the New England, we are blessed with an array of heritage buildings. Our belief is to respect the past, in combination with appropriating for the future. We can help with design advice and negotiating approval processes for works to historic properties.