About Frost

“South of my days' circle, part of my blood's country, rises that tableland, high delicate outline of bony slopes wincing under the winter, low trees, blue-leaved and olive, outcropping granite - clean, lean, hungry country.” - Judith Wright, South of my Days

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People, Past, Place

The New England region is unique. It is defined by four distinct seasons of colourful autumns, crisp winters, warm summers and promising springs. It consists of deep gorges, waterfalls, basalt and granite, ambitious communities, high altitude regional cities of low density connected by townships, country and open spaces flecked with livestock. It is an area that should be celebrated. 

Frost Architecture and Design aims
to do just that.

We think of our process as a journey with our client, in which the outcome may not be known at the commencement but in the end, both parties are the better for the adventure. Our goal is to respect our past and provide context considerate design. We believe in facilitating a ‘contemporary vernacular’ for the betterment of our built environment and the people who inhabit it.

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Our passion lies in conceptualising, designing, planning, detailing and ultimately realising buildings that serve the occupants, the environment, the locality and reflect the way we live. By looking to the past to inform the future, we strive to create a ‘contemporary vernacular’ in which context instructs the outcome.


Interior Architecture

Considering both function and aesthetics, we offer Interior Architecture to design spaces that are safe, habitable and fit for purpose. Well-thought out built environments have the potential to increase occupant happiness and enhance experience. Working with us for your interior architecture requirements can help alleviate stress, be value-adding and allow for consideration of the bigger picture. 



Within the New England, we are blessed with an array of heritage buildings. Our belief is to respect the past, in combination with appropriating for the future. We can help with design advice and negotiating approval processes for works to historic properties.

The people behind Frost

About Us

Originally from Glen Innes, we made the move back to the New England Region in 2016 after studying and working in Brisbane and surrounds for 10 years. During architecture school, the passion for place oriented design, vernacular building and ‘critical regionalism’ were discovered.

In combination with a love of the northern tablelands, Frost Architecture and Design has recently been conceived with the mission to create design for context, connecting people to place. While this all may seem very theoretical and academic, we promise we are just down-to-earth people, and look forward to embarking on a design journey with new friends.


Bachelor of Design (Architecture) - Honours
Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) – Second Class Honours
Master of Architecture
Graduate Certificate of Arts (Major in History)
Registered Architect

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